We are DJ Architecture

We take pride in responding to the needs of the client, the community, and the building site. It is our goal to produce responsible, innovative building design that contributes to its surroundings in a positive way.

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About DJ Architecture

DJ Architecture does not believe in the "signature design" mentality that one may find in the architectural field. Don Johnson has found that architecture allows him to do one of the things that he has found to be very fulfilling, and that is relating to people. DJ Architecture designs are successful at several levels. We approach each design with fresh vision. Your desires are the most important, and it is our duty to execute a design that best serves your needs.

Interior Design

The design of interior spaces has a profound impact on how we feel and function from day to day. At DJ Architecture, they make relating to clients their first priority. It is their goal to translate the ideas, dreams, and needs of the client into a beautiful, functional space that improves the lifestyle of its users. By working with DJ Architecture, there will be easy coordination between Interior Designer, Architect, Suppliers, and Contractors. This close relationship is key to completing your project in a successful, timely, manner.


With experience on over 400 projects, DJ Architecture takes great pride in their broad range of expertise. Hospitality, Education, Commercial Retail, Office buildings, and Multi-family residential are a just a sample of the building projects that we have completed. We look at each project as a valuable opportunity to further learn about the client, building type, and needs of the space. Our multitude of experience will be an important asset to your next building project.